1+1 =3

When it comes to me and you,
or maybe even more-
because we are solitary souls,
together becoming infinite.




the Houdini of hearts

We’re all masters of entrapment,
seductive sirens in our own way
and love is our most innocent weapon,
trapping us in the unexplainable glory
until the one that gets away,
as if it was all too easy
makes a clean break
and leaves a tangle of heart ache-
she was a world class escape artist
I was lucky to have seen perform.




a symphony of recollection

She cut right through me-
and not just the skin on my back with her nails
because she did that too
but all the way in
where scars don't fade
they linger in memories waiting for a sound or smell
to open back up
bleeding with forgotten love
and damn this song is Proust's madeleine
when it surprises the middle of my morning
assaulting my peace of mind
with unwanted nostalgia
otherwise consigned to oblivion
rushing me all at once
before leaving me in a screaming silence
all over again.




she took me for a ride

 I thought another joy ride would be fun
but I forgot to take the heart from my sleeve-
so when she showed up in a convertible
painted the color of regret,
it dried up
driving with the top down
in the desert sun.